Enid’s Cleaning Service


She’s serious about cleaning and we’re glad!  

Enid Tate started Enid’s Cleaning Service (ECS) in 1993 with the goal of offering affordable residential and commercial cleaning services to the people of Fulton County.  The business has grown steadily since that time and employs 18 people, serves customers in 8 Indiana counties, and offers specialized cleaning services such as professional carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, and a line of environmentally safe cleaning products.  

ECS has earned various prestigious cleaning certifications and has won national awards for innovative approaches to all things cleaning.  We’re proud that Enid launched her business from Fulton County and has used some of FEDCOs services along the way, including the technical assistance program to advance her skills, the NxLevel Business Planning course, and by attending seminars FEDCO offers on business related topics.  

Enid’s advice for new business owners?  “Take the NXLevel course and plan, plan, plan! Plan for times of growth and slow times especially. Take baby steps forward in business always, that way if it doesn't work out, it won't set you back too far to recover from it. “